Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sunday: Lindemann - Fish On

     After my last Sunday post of Monster Magnet talking about what I think is butt stuff, I'm almost obliged to one-up myself, right? Right.

     I'm glad you agree with me, because I've got the latest video from the eponymous side project of Rammstein's Til Lindemann for you, and it's just perfect for the Lord's day of rest. "Fish On", taken from the first LP Skills in Pills, is about wooing the ladies, and it has a suitably "fetching" video to go along with it (see what I did there? Not my best work, that's what...) that is, quite frankly, absolutely mental. Musically, things sound pretty similar to Rammstein with some more keyboardyness thrown in, but if you're a Til Lindemann fan, you're probably cool with that, right?

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