Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Monday: Cryptopsy - The Knife, The Head, and What Remains

     Boy, have I got some metal for your only-somewhat-belated Metal Monday, in more ways than one. And for good or ill, all of those ways are Canadian. Joy!

     First, the surface metal: your Metal Monday track is the latest from Monreal's Cyrptopsy, "The Knife, The Head, and What Remains", taken from their nearly-here EP The Book of Suffering - Tome 1. It's a vicious bit of modern death metal that'll start pummeling you from the word 'go' and won't quit for its three-and-a-half minute running time.

     Then there's the underlying metal: the song and its title are referring to the 2008 murder and beheading of a Greyhound bus passenger by one of his fellow passengers as their bus was traveling through rural Manitoba. Certainly a tragic and terrifying incident, but goddamn, talk about your metal subject matter.

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