Thursday, 15 October 2015

Monday: The Black Dahlia Murder - Asylum

     Metal fucking Monday time again, and this time around I ask: have you been jamming the new Black Dahlia Murder album Abysmal?

     Because you really should be; to use what I'm sure has by now become a cliched pun, Abysmal is anything but abysmal. Sure, the guys have once again failed to reinvent their wheel and transition into a shoegaze polka outfit or anything, but on the other hand, the guys have once again delivered a solid sample of what it is they do best. From front to back, Abysmal brings fistfuls of the riffs, blast beats, and shriek-to-growl vocals we all know and love.

     My current favourite track? Besides the badass "Vlad, Son of the Dragon", it has to be "Asylum", motherfuckers. Turn this one up as loud as you can, and if your neighbours don't like it, fuck 'em. The zombies are going to eat them first anyways.

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