Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wednesday: Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - Ira Lore

     'Two steps forward, one step back' seems to be my Loud Noises mantra lately, whether I want it to be or not. The sad truth is that this blog doesn't pay anything (start putting those pennies in the post, please) so when I've got to pick up some extra hours at work to fill the ol' wallet, you guys unfortunately have to take a back seat.

     But enough Debbie Downer, right? What about a Wednesday post? File the source of this one under "please record a new album already", because I would love to hear some new Exotic Animal Petting Zoo. Their latest record Tree of Tongues is really killer slice of mathy, sorta grimy post-hardcore/post-metal that not enough people know about, but it's also getting a little long in the tooth in album-cycle terms, having come out all the way back in 2012.

     Strangely enough, however, I'm going back to the band's 2008 debut I Have Made My Bed in Darkness for your Wednesday song. For a taste of what Exotic Animal Petting Zoo is like, have yourself a listen to "Ira Lore", and then join me in being disappointed every time you check the band's Facebook and find no news about new material.

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