Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wednesday: With A Smile - Take the Wheel

     Time for something a little different for your belated Wednesday song, in the form of some laid-back, vaguely-jazzy instrumental work from James Knoerl and his new project With A Smile.

     If that name James Knoerl feels a little familiar to you, you might be acquainted with some of his great drumwork with acts like The Omega Experiment and Native Construct. But With A Smile is all James compositionally, with only a little help from his friends to round out the instrumentation. The result is a four-track EP of instrumental jazz-prog that manages to be at once chill and heavy, relatively relaxed and laid-back but never boring.

     Case in point: Never Listen's closing track "Take the Wheel", a wild ride chock full of crazy keyboards, demented drums, and other insane instrumentation. The rest of the EP is good, but in many ways it's all building to this titan of a track. Check it out.

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