Friday, 25 September 2015

Tuesday: Refused - Destroy the Man

     I know I've asked you this before, but how's the new Refused album sitting with you? Was Freedom worth the wait? If you were expecting The Shape of Punk to Come 2.0, then probably not. But if you were just anxious to hear some new Refused material, whatever shape it might take, then I think it's safe to assume you weren't disappointed.

     I'm definitely in the latter camp; I didn't know what to expect out of new Refused, so I didn't expect anything, and was therefore pleasantly surprised with Freedom. I don't think it's an instant classic, but it will certainly grow on you if you give it a couple of listens. And give it a couple of listens you should.

     But maybe you need some encouragement, so your belated Tuesday song for this week (we're going to get caught up, I swear!!) is "Destroy the Man". See if it tickles your fancy at all, and thengo out and give the rest of Freedom a go.

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