Saturday, 19 September 2015

Tuesday: The Legion of Doom - Dangerous Business Since 1979

     Time for a Techno Tuesday, kids, as well as a blast from my past. Back in my more emo/screamo/post-hardcore days, I came across a group doing mashups of songs by a bunch of the bands I was listening to. I remember them being cool, but not being super into electronic music I never really got into them.

     Fast-forward to today, when I write a music blog and am always on the hunt for music to bring to your attention, and I've dredged my memory to come up with The Legion of Doom and their 2007 album Incorporated. The guys in The Legion of Doom have been active since then, but this is the record that first caught my attention, so as usual it's the one that's stuck with me.

     Your Tuesday song is probably my favourite from Incorporated, and in my opinion one of the best executed combinations on the record. "Dangerous Business Since 1979" is a masterful blending of the Underoath classic "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" and the mewithoutyou track "January 1979" into something energetic and almost dancy. In fact, the mixture here is so seamless that I might even like this version of "Dangerous Business" better than the Underoath original, and that's saying something. Fans of either band, the genre, or electronic music should check this one out.

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