Thursday, 6 August 2015

Tuesday: In Hearts Wake - Intrepid (feat. Marcus Bridge of Northlane)

     No Tech Tuesday post this week, belated or otherwise. In fact, the Tuesday song I've chosen is in some ways the very opposite of what you might expect from a Tech Tuesday tune. It is, however, headbangy fun. Should I have saved this for a Sunday Funday or something? Maybe. Why don't you be the judge?

     Australia's In Hearts Wake might not be reinventing the djent wheel at all, but they sure have a knack for groovesmanship. Take as an example "Intrepid", from the band's latest release Skydancer, which is more than the sum of its riffs. I found myself nodding along at multiple points, and hitting repeat a time or two as well. Like I said, there's no rocket science here, but then, does there always have to be?

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