Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sylosis - Casting Shadows

     I'm throwing it back for your on this Thursday evening, but only about a decade or so. Think you can handle the quick hop in the Wayback Machine?

     Regular readers will know how much I dig the Brits in Sylosis, and it's kinda shocking to think that, at 2 EPs and 4 LPs in, Josh and Company have a career that I can actually throw back to. Sure, there have been some lineup changes, the most noticeable of course being the rotation position of lead vocalist, now permanently occupied by Mr. Middleton himself.

     But even back in the days of the band's first couple of vocalists, Sylosis was slaying listeners left, right, and center. As a demonstration, I present to you your Thursday song, the title track "Casting Shadows" from Sylosis' 2006 EP Casting Shadows. Like lots of older Sylosis, this one has aged pretty well.

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