Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunday: Ghost - Majesty

     As I'm pretty sure I've said before, I've never really been a huge Ghost fan. It's not that I have a problem with the schtick or anything -- I'm totally cool with a gimmick, if you can back it up. But Ghost has always felt a little too camp and just not heavy enough for my liking.

     Regular readers may remember that one of the previous singles for Ghost's upcoming record Meliora, "Cirice", caught my attention and spent some time repeating on my playlist when it came out back in May. Well a single or two later, the latest, "Majesty", has me interested once again, although not nearly as much as "Cirice" did.

     If "Cirice" was grade-A earworm stuff, then "Majesty" is, for me, a slightly less-infectious cut. But that's not say it's not catchy and rocking in the same way, with a retro feel and a sinister vibe that's less genuine evil and malice and more 70's Saturday night horror. Funny, the very same camp I once decried has sorta grown on me. Maybe the rest of Meliora will do likewise? I don't have long to wait to find out.

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