Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sunday: Buckethead - Nottingham Lace

     Time for another Sunday Funday kids, and for inspiration this week I'm going back to one of the biggest sources of musical fun for metalheads and guitar fans everywhere: fretboard wankery. Yes, even while we loathe a band like, say, Dragonforce for being too technically minded, we stand in awe of their chops in the same sentence.

     For my money, though, I like a little more musicality mixed in with my chops, and at least a smidge more metal credibility. Enter... the Chicken. (See what I did there?) Yes, if I'm looking for modern guitar wank that I can actually get into, one of my go-to stops is Buckethead, and pretty much my favourite Buckethead album is the somewhat-all-star Enter the Chicken from 2005.

     So without further long-winded ado, I give you your Sunday Funday wanky guitar song, "Nottingham Lace". Unlike some of the tracks on Enter the Chicken that feature one or another of a variety of guest vocalists, album closer "Nottingham Lace" is wall-to-wall Buckethead doing what he do for six-and-a-half funky, shreddy minutes. Now, if you're familiar with Buckethead already, you probably already know the deal with the gimmick and everything, and you know your stand on his work. But if you're unfamiliar with him, or even just this track and album, check either, both, and all of it out, because the guy's a genius. A batshit bonkers genius.

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