Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sunday: Battles - The Yabba

     Belated Sunday Funday time, and I've got something a little out of left field for you. But that's why it's fun, right? Besides, I like drawing attention to the idea that metalheads can like lots of other types of music too, other types of music like whatever it is that experimental trio Battles do.

     The latest from Battles, La Di Da Di, is out in about a month or so, but a couple of weeks back the band streamed a live session of a handful of new tracks, and then cut one of those out of the session for a kind-sorta single. "The Yabba" is a weird, loopy ride through some diverse musical territory. At a little more than seven minutes long, "The Yabba" still never overstays its welcome or gets repetitive, pitfalls which can easily beset electronically-based music. Get you grooving shoes on for this one.

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