Thursday, 27 August 2015

Skyharbor - Out of Time

     No throwback this Thursday, because the beneficent gods of new music have dropped something particularly exciting into all of ours laps today, and I'd be remiss if I let it slide even until tomorrow.

     That something is a new Skyharbor single, the first to feature the complete new lineup, including vocalist Eric Emery (in for departed Dan Tompkins) and drummer Aditya Ashok (replacing skinsman Anup Sastry). We heard Eric's take on "Evolution" back when he was announced as Dan's replacement, but this "Out of Time" is our first taste of all-new material.

     Does it live up to Skyharbors past? Not right off the bat, but I for one would like to sit with it for a bit, and hear the rest of the record-in-progress, before I pick any favourites. The word so far on this one is just "2016", so let's hope that means more Q1 than Q4.

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