Monday, 31 August 2015

Saturday: Sevendust - Not Today

     Think back a couple of days, to when I mentioned that good things come in threes. Today I prove that they really do (honest!) as long as you're not in a hurry or anything.

     I think you'll find this one worth the wait, because I certainly did. You should all know what a big Sevendust fan I am, and you should all also know by now (hopefully, or I'm not doing my job...) that Lajon and Company have a new record coming out in October. We got first single "Thank You" maybe a month or so ago, and now we've got sample number two.

     "Not Today" is the kind of track that's going to appeal to all the old school Sevendust fans out there: it's 100% groove and syncopation, but still catchy. If the rest of Kill the Flaw sounds like this, it could be a rock-solid Sevendust record for the ages.

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