Monday, 17 August 2015

Saturday: Mudvayne - On the Move

     So I know I'm a little behind again, after a few short days of timeliness, but at least this time I was legitimately away on vacation over the weekend and not just swamped and/or lazy. But it's only a couple of days, so let's bang 'em out.

     First up is Saturday, for which you need something with some energy, some get-up-and-go, something to propel you into your weekend proper. To that end, I direct your attention to a track called "On the Move" from one of my favourites from back in The Day, Mudvayne.

     Even if you're familiar with Mudvayne, you might not know this particular song, since it's a bonus DVD track that didn't quite make the cut for 2002's The End of All Things to Come. I have no idea why that is, but you should definitely get to know this one, because it's a rager that, as the title suggests, is constantly moving and grooving forward. Check it out.

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