Monday, 10 August 2015

Saturday: Alustrium - The Atheist Phenomenon

     Themes and theme-days are fun and everything, but some days you're just looking for some straight up heavy to knock your face off. This is a post for one of those days; put it in your pocket and bust it out as needed.

     The specific flavour of heavy we're dealing with is progressive death metal, but don't let that first bit turn you off if you're not necessarily the biggest prog nerd. Prog fan or no, the source of your Saturday song, Alustrium, has got you covered. Need further proof? How about this: the touchstone that springs to mind first when listening to Alustrium's latest A Tunnel to Eden is Revocation.

      Take that for what you will, for my money the fleet-fingered riffing, tight rhythm section, and proggy-but-not-too-proggy flavour of a track like "The Atheist Phenomenon" smacks of Revocation, making A Tunnel to Eden a delicious option for those looking for a little more variety in their progressive death metal diet. Yum!

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