Friday, 14 August 2015

Okilly Dokilly - All That is Left

     When something metal-related is trending on Facebook and other mainstream social media, you pretty much have to take notice. But even if today's bit of Friday fun weren't making the rounds online, I'd still probably share it with you, because it's just that awesome.

     If, like me, you haven't watched The Simpsons in a few seasons, it may have been a while since you last saw Ned Flanders, but I'm sure you can picture his mustached, bespectacled face. Well, now try picturing it in a metal, er, "Nedal" band (their word, not mine). Okilly Dokilly, out of Phoenix, is that metal band, turning Flanders lines and predicaments into bite-sized little songs that go from what I'll call a 90's alt-metal sound (something in me wants to say "grunge" but it's not, and I don't want to pigeonhole it) to crusty bursts of blackened death and back again.

     Licensing-type issues aside, I'm not sure if there's enough gas in the tank on this one to sustain a whole album's worth of quality material. But for the time being, we have four demos to pick from, and I'm going to make the executive decision and start you off with "All That is Left", whose title should require little explanation for Simpsons aficionados.

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