Monday, 24 August 2015

Northlane - Windbreaker

     There's a mini-theme connecting your Monday post to the Sunday metalcore track I posted earlier, namely the theme of me championing a genre I dig in the face of all you tr00, kvlt metalheads out there. But where earlier it was metalcore, this time around it's everybody's favourite, djent.

     And if we're talking djent, one of my fun, go-to, djent-for-djent's-sake bands is Australia's Northlane. They don't melt my face off or anything, but they've got the goods when I'm looking for something catchy and chock full of big grooves. So for your Monday Funday song I'm going with "Windbreaker" from Northlane's 2013 LP Singularity. Your instructions? Car engine: on; windows: down; volume: up. Enjoy. (Bonus points if you get the joke with this one...)


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