Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friday: Soulfy - Sodomites

     Regardless of your thoughts on the material we've heard so far from the upcoming Soulfly record Archangel, I think we can all agree that that cover art is worthy of some awards -- "Most Metal Cover of the Year", maybe, but certainly "Best Renaissance Painting Cover".

     The music that'll accompany that cover, however, has been hit and miss, and unfortunately I think I'd say the same about the latest single "Sodomites". On the pro side, it's fucking heavy, with verses that just stomp all over you. On the con side, those choruses magically take all the air out of the rest of the song's sails.

     Hopefully this won't be Archangel in microcosm: flashes of badassery mired in a general stew of mediocrity. I've got my favourites, but I've never been the hugest Soulfly fan, and so far this one doesn't seem set to change that. How about you?

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