Friday, 28 August 2015

Baroness - Chlorine and Wine

     It seems that it never rains but when it pours, as the saying goes. Or, if you prefer something a little less archaic, good things come in threes. Tune in tomorrow for number three, but read on below for number two, courtesy of none other than Baroness.

     Things have been somewhat quiet, music-wise, in camp Baroness since their horrific bus accident a couple of years back, during the touring for then-fresh Yellow & Green. Fans of the band will be glad to learn that the new record, due out in December, will continue the colourful trend in nomenclature with Purple.

     Based on lead single "Chlorine and Wine", it sounds like Baroness might be continuing the sonic trend started on Yellow & Green as well, rather than returning to the slightly heavier sound from their earlier albums and EPs. How you feel about that is up to you, so why not have a listen or two and craft an informed opinion?

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