Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Wednesday: Rush - Closer to the Heart

     OK, fair warning: even though it's actually Tuesday the 7th out here in meatspace, this post is supposed to make up for last Wednesday the 1st, which was Canada Day, and by now you should know what that means. If you answered anything other than "something Canadian for Canada Day, Alex", you need to head back to the dojo, Daniel-san, because you're not ready to face Cobra-Kai yet.

     The aforementioned warning, however, pertains more to my choice of Canada Day tune than its country of origin. Yes, that's right fellow 'nucks, I'm once again showing my nation pride and wishing this greatest of countries a happy birthday in style with a classic cut from Canadian legends Rush. Sorry Geddy haters.

     And what's more, I'm going full sentimental Rush-head and going with the 1977 classic "Closer to the Heart" from A Farewell to Kings for my Canada Day selection. Grab a loved one, grab a bevvy, and sing along with this one like it's last call at some Canadian-themed bar somewhere. Happy belated Canada Day everybody.

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