Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tuesday: Nok Novum - Ghost Farmer

     I can almost taste the finish line, can't you? Time for a Tuesday song, and once again the patron providence of New Music has got my back in spades. Instrumental prog fiends, I give you the latest single from Calgary's up-and-coming Nok Novum.

     "Ghost Farmer" is a musical journey of absolutely epic proportions -- no surprise if you're familiar with any of Nok Novum's other material. Big, chunky detuned riffs give way to a moody middle section that's equal parts sax and groove before the whole thing heavies back up in a big way. Seven and a half minutes after pressing play, it's all I can do to hit repeat before offering libations to those same small gods in the hopes that someday soon we'll see a full LP from Nok Novum.

     Bonus: not only can you listen to this big ol' slab of sexy, you can also watch the guys shred it out in the form of a full-band playthrough video. Just click the song title above, and let the internet's series of tubes do the rest.

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