Monday, 13 July 2015

Tuesday Last: Son of Aurelius - Pandora's Burden

     Another week spent on the slippery, sloped ground in the shadow of the eight ball. Let's do this, FOR REAL THIS TIME, shall we?

     To kick things off: a Tech Tuesday tune for last week from one of my favourite under-appreciated tech-death bands and albums. California's Son of Aurelius aren't quite a household name in the world of technical death metal yet, but based on the strength of their first two LPs, they've certainly got the chops to be. The musicianship of all involved has improved from debut The Farthest Reaches to sophomore effort Under a Western Sun, but I still have a hipster-style soft spot for the record that got me into these guys when nobody else seemed to have heard of them.

     Your super late Tech Tuesday track for last week is "Pandora's Burden" from Son of Aurelius' mythological debut The Farthest Reaches, a somewhat slower, grindier number than a lot of the stuff on Farthest Reaches but just as intricate and pummeling. Kick off some catching up in aggressive style with this one.

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