Friday, 24 July 2015

Thursday: Thursday - Signals Over the Air

     Time for another Throwback Thursday song, and this week I've got the perfect pick in the form of a track from celebrated emo/screamo/post-hardcore act Thursday. A Throwback Thursday song by Thursday. Get it? Get it?! Yeah, you get it.

     2001's sophomore disc Full Collapse remains my favourite Thursday record, probably due in no small part to it belonging to a rose-coloured part of my youth, but they've got a catalogue with lots of other good stuff in it. Full Collapse follow-up War All the Time is one such solid record, and a piece of work that fans of the genre should check out.

     And to make sure that you check it out you do, I'm going to hook you the same way Thursday hooked me on War All the Time back in 2003, with the album's first single "Signals Over the Air". Catchy, singable, and with just enough groove to get your head going, "Signals Over the Air" is a great example of just how much better than your preconceptions "emo" can be.

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