Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sunday: Scale the Summit - Stolas

     So you like the idea of instrumental post-whatever like "yesterday's" In Each Hand a Cutlass post, but you're not sold yet on their particular brand of prog. Why not try something else, courtesy of one of the biggest names in the sub-genre.

     We've been getting teases -- artwork and the like, mostly -- of the new Scale the Summit album for a while now, but earlier this week we got our first solid taste in the form of single and accompanying video "Stolas". It's nothing earthshattering, music-wise, but it is yet another example of Scale's ability to craft intricate, technically proficient instrumental prog that's still laid-back, replete with groove, and never overly showy. Plus, "Stolas" has a fun, 80's hair metal-style parody video, and it's always good to see someone do something with their videos that isn't just lyrics, band-in-a-room, or some combination of the two.

     We'll have to wait until September for the full V experience, but if "Stolas" and the cover art can be believe, the force remains strong with Scale the Summit. Check it out.

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