Thursday, 9 July 2015

Saturday: Numbers - The Winds at Bay

     The deities that govern the releasing of new music (I really should start naming some of these small gods at this point...) continue to smile upon me and provide material for your Saturday song. The only hitch? The material in question isn't quite new, per se.

     Let me lay it out for you: Seattle-based "electrometal jazzcore" band (their words) Numbers have just released a new single in the form of the rocking "The Winds at Bay", except said single was apparently actually recorded during the sessions for Numbers' debut LP Three. So, it's more of a case of "new to you" than "brand new", but the end result is more Numbers, so who cares?

     Given that "The Winds at Bay" came out of the writing of Three, it's no surprise that things sound suitably Three-ish -- a healthy dose of metalcore grooves, a soupcon of synths and electronica, and, of course, Kyle's cutting vocals. It's a cocktail that remains as tasty now as it was when Three came out. I'd like to order another though, so album number two please guys? Thanks.

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