Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Monday: CHON - Perfect Pillow

     Not a huge Stryper fan but could still use a Funday? Well then let's keep it going with a Monday Funday heaping helping of chill from your friends in CHON.

     I'm sure you're all super CHON experts by this point, but let me lay it out for those of you who've just gotten here: the guys in CHON are experts at crafting bright, melodic, and very technically proficient instrumental prog (well, mostly instrumental...) with loads of jazzy overtones. Their latest effort, the mixed LP of new-and-reworked-old material Grow, was released back in the spring, but songs like your Monday Funday tune still creep into my playlist on the regular.

     "Perfect Pillow" is your perfect example of CHON's game, and a perfect example of why, while the tracks on Grow that do have vocals aren't hurt by them, there's absolutely no need to mess with success.

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