Monday, 29 June 2015

Wednesday: Nok Novum - Mummy Trouble

     You know I love progressive music, instrumental music, and Canadian music. Your last Wednesday song lies at glorious the intersection of these three worlds. You can thank me later.

     We've just gotten word that the next single from Calgary's Nok Novum will come out later next month, so unfortunately there's still a little bit of a wait ahead of us before we get more new material. That means that for now, we have to be content with Nok Novum's self-titled debut album... which isn't anything to complain about, really, because Nok Novum is a wild and wooly adventure in instrumental jazz-fusion.

     Just because I can't decide, I'm sticking you with album-opener "Mummy Trouble", an epic that starts out almost jazz-meets-porno-funk, tours through space prog, then shifts to angular metal groove territory before touching back down in funk town. It's a trip. . As a bonus, your video link for this one points to a playthrough vid from the man himself, Nok Novum guitarist Grant Cooper.

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