Monday, 8 June 2015

Wednesday: Ghost - Cirice

     You know I like to do something a little weirder for my Wednesday posts (ain't alliteration absolutely awesome?) and while today's song isn't exactly weird in a Frank Zappa kind of way, it is weird in a proggy, majestic, minor-key sort of way.

     It's actually a little weird that I dig this song enough to feature it, since costumed Swedish metal act Ghost has never really appealed to me before. But their new single "Cirice", from their upcoming third album Meliora, has got its claws in me. I don't know if it's the band's new singer (if indeed the third incarnation of papal vocalist Papa Emeritus is actually a different person than before), or the grand majesty of the choruses, or just that stompy, in-your-face verse riff, but something about "Cirice" appeals to me in a way that Ghost's work hasn't previously. I can most definitely feel the rumble -- can you?

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