Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tuesday: Monuments - Jinn

     Let's keep the groove train we started with "yesterday's" Lamb of God song going with some more big riffing, this time from across the pond.

     Also, this time swap Lamb of God's aggro groove for one a little proggier and, yes, a little djentier too. If you don't let the "D" word stop you -- and you shouldn't, you rebel you -- you might be pleasantly surprised with the Brits in Monuments. If, of course, you're already familiar with Monuments, then you know what we're dealing with here, and you know it's better than I'm making it sound right now.

     In any case, just listen to "Jinn" from Monuments' 2014 sophomore album The Amaneunsis and be convinced that Monuments can groove with the best of them. Just try to listen to this one without bobbing your head at some point. I dare you. Double dog dare? No, that's just crazy talk.

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