Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tuesday: Earthside (feat. Lajon Witherspoon) - Mob Mentality

     Back in May, I posted about the sweet cinematic prog of Connecticut's Earthside, but maybe you listened to"The Closest I've Come" and thought that something was missing. Something vocalish, maybe. Well, the band's most recent single should fill in the blank nicely, and it's your Tuesday song.

     The extra puzzle piece here is a predictably killer vocal performance from none other than Sevendust's Lajon Witherspoon on Earthside's latest "Mob Mentality", and while I do wonder for a moment how Lajon ended up getting hooked up with Earthside, I'm definitely not complaining. Big, powerful prog plus a big, powerful voice equals a winning combination. The only downside here is that there's just a single track of said combo rather than a whole album. Something to think about guys?

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