Friday, 12 June 2015

Tuesday: The Black Dahlia Murder - A Shrine to Madness

     All you Black Dahlia Murder fans out there have likely already heard the news about the band's new album. We've known for a while that a new record was in the works, but now we've got the full scoop: Abysmal is done and set for release in September. We've even gotten the chance already to check out the badass artwork that'll grace Abysmal in the fall.

     But a new song is still nowhere to be seen. That'll probably change in a couple of weeks when the pre-orders go live, but for now we're left to relive old glories in anticipation. So why not join me in turning up the volume on "A Shrine to Madness", the opening track from The Black Dahlia Murder's 2011 record Ritual, while we await the boon of new material. I know it's not quite the same thing, but some TBDM is better than no TBDM at all, right?

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