Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sunday: Noisem - Trail of Perturbation

     Sunday is a good day for musical brutality. Well, any day is a good day for musical brutality, really, but Sunday is an especially good day for mayhem. Whether you're feeling chafed by the weekly cycle of Judao-Christian ritual or just raging, raging against the dying of the weekend and the rebirth of the many-headed monster Workweek, it just makes sense to go extra hard on Sunday.

     Which is why I'm going with a cut from the sophomore disc Blossoming Decay by Baltimore's Noisem. "Trail of Perturbation" is Blossoming Decay in microcosm: fast, furious death-flavoured thrash that gets in, fucks shit up, and gets out again, no muss, no fuss, under four minutes flat. And that's one of the album's longer tracks, so you should have a decent idea of the shotgun-blast songwriting you're in for here. Consider yourself warned.

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