Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Saturday: Sylosis - Altered States of Consciousness

     It's been a bit since I've featured a song from one of my favourite modern metal acts of any style or subgenre, so let's fix that with a little Sylosis Saturday.

     I've talked before about how Sylosis' catalogue can be somewhat hit or miss for me. I like all their stuff, but some of it stands well above the rest. I'd call the 2011 disc Edge of the Earth "above average", but man are there some killer cuts on there, like your belated Saturday Sylosis song.

     "Altered States of Consciousness" is a great big five-and-a-half minute slice of what makes Sylosis great: kick-ass, thrashy riffing; strong melodic sensibilities with a menacing, evil-sounding undercurrent; big doomy parts; tasty leads; even a good ol' fashioned gallop into the sunset at the end, with a slightly off-kilter rhythmic twist. In summary: badass, from start to finish. If you need a track to turn your friends on to Sylosis with, this one's a pretty good start.

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