Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Monday: Revocation - Witch Trials

     It feels like it's been a while, so let's keep catching up with a straight up Metal motherfucking Monday taken from one of last year's best records.

     Now, the observant and/or detail-oriented among you might note that I didn't actually name Revocation's latest, Deathless, as one of my top ten albums for last year. That's partly because I just liked other stuff better, but also because I simply hadn't sunk my teeth into Deathless as much as I did a lot of other stuff.

     But over the last couple of months I've had occasion to revisit Deathless and really get cozy with it, and I've come to appreciate just how badass an album it is. Revocation have to be commended for crafting a(nother) great modern metal record -- fast, heavy, tastefully technical, and just laden with enough proggy, jazzy, and generally un-metal elements to keep things consistently interesting.

     I could recommend virtually any track on the album and be reasonably assured I'm not steering you wrong, but for your Metal Monday I'm going with album closer "Witch Trials" because it's got all of the above in just the right ratios. Start at the end of Deathless, but don't stop there.

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