Thursday, 11 June 2015

Monday: Plini - Paper Moon

     Everybody around here should already know that Mellow Monday doesn't have to mean Lame Monday, but just in case somebody still hasn't gotten that memo, let me set you straight with a little help from a master of laid-back badassery.

     Plini's latest EP, the trilogy-concluding The End of Everything, is more of the same from the Australian axeman, stylistically-speaking. But the improvement in musicianship, songwriting, and production from Other Things to The End of Everything is audible and welcome -- which isn't to say that things were sub-par to start with. Plini's just gotten that much better as he's gone along.

     And that's clearly evident in the epic "Paper Moon", an eight-minute masterpiece of proggy, jazzy grooves and sparkling melodies that goes through a couple of different changes in mood. It's one of those songs that flies by way too fast and leaves you hitting repeat, well, repeatedly. Why not do so while you join me in awaiting an LP, or even just an international tour...if you're listening, Plini...

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