Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Friday: High on Fire - The Black Plot

     If there's new High on Fire music in the air, you know it's got to be a Friday song. Kick your recliner into its most secure position for being rocked, because this one's going to hit you right in the face with its heavy.

     High on Fire's seventh LP Luminiferous drops at the end of the month, and if album opener "The Black Plot" is anything to judge by it could be a ripper of an album. High on Fire is always hit or miss for me, partly because they sometimes have the tendency to fall into the stoner trap of riding a riff into the dirt. But "The Black Plot" is a thunderous rampage that smashes aside any hints of tedium from second one. Like I said, if this is the measure by which we should judge Luminiferous, this could be my High on Fire album.

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