Friday, 15 May 2015

Wednesday: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Paranoia Shields

     The Dillinger Escape Plan's One of Us is the Killer is going on two years old now, so at glance it might seem like some things ought to be starting to happen in Camp Dillinger right about now -- and maybe they are. But it would also appear that the guys aren't quite done with Killer just yet.

     Last week we had the strange and potentially unsettling video for "Paranoia Shields" unleashed upon us, and whatever you might think of this particular visual treatment of this song, you can't deny its power as a reminder of how great this album is. I've been moderately into Dillinger since their classic Calculating Infinity, but the one-two punch of Option Paralysis and One of Us is the Killer really cemented my affection for what admittedly isn't always the easiest band to get your head around.

     I hesitate to recommend "Paranoia Shields" and One of Us is the Killer as a more "accessible" (the buzzword typically used of newer Dillinger) inroad to the the Dillinger catalogue, because that almost sounds like the newer stuff is somehow dumbed down or something. It's not. Dillinger is still Dillinger, and it's still light years ahead of so much of what's out there, so get with the program already and check 'em out if you don't know them yet.

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