Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tuesday: Lorna Shore - Grimoire

     Your Tuesday song might not be the techiest, but it's got just enough noodly, blasty bits that I'm comfortable featuring it on this most hallowed of theme days. And yes, it's not actually Tuesday, but I'm getting there!

     Deathcore act Lorna Shore are getting ready to drop their new record Psalms early next month, and they've started the pimping process with a video for lead track "Grimoire". The bad news? Lorna Shore are a deathcore band that's heavy on the core, in the sense that even this one track has a superfluity of breakdowns. The good news? Lorna Shore are a deathcore band that's also pretty heavy on the heavy, breaking things down or not.

     If a deathcore base with a blackened ripple and sprinkles of tech sounds like an enticing flavour to you, Lorna Shore's "Grimoire", and the upcoming album Psalms whence it hails, might be right for you.

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