Monday, 18 May 2015

Sunday: Eidola - Omni: First Temple

     Remember Utah's Eidola? Remember when I asked Andrew from Eidola a bunch of questions -- around twenty of them -- including some about the band's then-upcoming second LP Degeneraterra? Well, that LP is finally out now, so let's have a taste, shall we?

     Since the whole record is streaming online right now in at least one spot (Eidola's Bandcamp, to be specific) I've pretty much got free reign to pick my poison. For simplicity's sake, though, I'm going with Degeneraterra's first full track "Omni: First Temple", both because it's a rad track (complete with some full-on heavy in a couple of spots) and because it's got an accompanying lyric video.

     So if you happened to somehow miss out on Eidola when I've talked about them in the past, now's your chance to make up for it. Turn it up, hit play, and get cracking.

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