Sunday, 3 May 2015

Saturday: Valkyrie - Wintry Plains

     Moving away now from the slice of melancholy that was Friday's song, I've got a chilly belated Saturday song for you to chill to, courtesy of Baroness guitarist Pete Adams.

     In addition to his duties in Baroness, Pete plays in a little project called Valkyrie that's got a new record coming out in a couple of weeks. More importantly, Valkyrie is streaming a new song in advance of the release of Shadows, so you get the advance chance to check things out and see what you think.

     While it certainly doesn't just sound like something from a Baroness clone, "Wintry Plains" definitely does have the southern-fried sludginess you'd expect from an alumni of such an act. Have a listen and see if Shadows might be your kind of jams. Oh, and check out what is presumably some pretty sweet album art!

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