Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Saturday: FInger Eleven - Good Times

     One of the many things that kept me away from you lately, dear reader, was a bachelor party for a buddy of mine this past Saturday. Bar hopping's not normally my thing, but every once in a while you can twist my arm, and a bachelor send-off is the perfect excuse.

     How did it go? You're smart, you tell me. Your belated Saturday song is "Good Times" from the 2003 self-titled album by Canadian alt-rock veterans Finger Eleven. As with so many other bands, I've always been more of a fan of F11's older stuff, but revisiting this record recently reminded me just how strong it is. And "Good Times" isn't even the best track, though it is lots of fun. So put this one on and try to remember some good times of your own.

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