Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Monday: Rosetta - Untitled V

     I recently posted about British band Visions, mentioning that they're in the midst of prepping new material for recording in the fall. Another band with upcoming new material to watch out for, and one whose new stuff is much closer to hand, is Philadelphia post-metal act Rosetta.

     Rosetta's last outing, 2013's The Anaesthete, garnered a great deal of both attention and praise, so their forthcoming Quintessential Ephemera will definitely be turning some heads on principle alone. The strength of your Monday song, the first we're hearing from the upcoming disc, should turn a few more.

     "Untitled V" is predictably Rosetta, in the best possible ways: dense, big, and heavy. This is a case of an evolution of sound rather than a revolution, but give what Rosetta was already laying down, that's not a bad situation to be in at all.

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