Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Monday: Of Modern Architecture - Mountains

     I've got some rocking proggy post-metal from BC for your Monday song, and I've got it in a couple of different flavours.

     If you're new to Vancouver's Of Modern Architecture, you might perhaps elect to start of with the album version of your Monday song "Mountains" as it appeared on the band's latest EP Wilderness. If, however, that standard nine-minute journey through genres and emotions is old hat, or if you're just feeling saucy, you might instead choose to go with the recently released bass playthrough video for "Mountains", taken from the recording sessions for Wilderness that strips the track back (if you're cool with calling something that continues to be this epic 'stripped back') to an instrumental odyssey.

     Vocals or no, this one's worth checking out, so pick your poison from above and get cracking.

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