Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dance Gavin Dance - Variation

     Have any of you tr00 metal badasses out there taken my advice yet, swallowed your unnecessarily restrictive preconceptions about style and genre, and had a go at some Dance Gavin Dance? If you have, good on you, whether you dug them or not. And if you haven't, the band's new record is the perfect excuse to get off your duff and dance, Gavin.

     The reason for that is that, for my money, last month's Instant Gratification was DGD's strongest outing in a while, with more cool tunes that I've found myself really digging than their last couple of records combined. More importantly, as far as you might be concerned, I'm getting a vibe from this one that's just a teensy bit heavier than usual.

     Don't get me wrong, Dance Gavin Dance is still firmly post-hardcore, for good or ill, and they're not going to be exchanging hipster haircuts for blastbeats any time soon. But there's tasty wee morsels of heavy here and there and it's a nice amount of spice to songs like "Variation", with its heavy, little groove about two thirds of the way through, all wrapped up in textbook DGD catchy melodic post-hardcore. This one's just plain fun, so have at it.

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