Friday, 3 April 2015

Thursday: Izah - Duality

     Today's belated Thursday song is not only really cool, it's also intended to demonstrate to you that I haven't gone soft after my Wednesday apology for subjecting you to some epic goodness in the preceding two days.

     How do I intended to prove my continued 'ardness to you? By recommending another length masterpiece to you, of course! Today it comes from Dutch band Izah and their debut LP Sistere, which you could be forgiven for confusing with an EP given that there are only four (!) tracks on offer here.

     That very brief track list should be your first hint of the kind of epic journeys you're in store for on Sistere, but allow me to forgo the need for further hints: the album's shortest song is nearly twelve minutes long, and your Thursday track "Duality" tips the scales at sixteen minutes. But before you groan and close this tab, give Izah and Sistere a shot.

     If you do, you'll find some genuinely awesome sludgy, doomy, atmospheric post-metal. I talk a lot about music journeys, especially when talking about these longer songs, but there are some true treks to be had on Sistere, full-on experiences that have covered some serious emotional and musical distance, ending up in some very different headspaces from where they started.

     So don't let the sixteen-minute running time of "Duality" dissuade you from discovering what could honestly be an album of the year contender. Besides, you should be grateful I didn't pick Sistere's longest piece; the closing title track "Sistere" is a beefy thirty-one minutes of Izah. So it could be worse, right?

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