Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sunday: Jaga Jazzist - Starfire

     Maybe I should have done a theme week of long songs or something, because after "yesterday's" relatively brief Dance Gavin Dance song, I've got yet another epic number for your Easter Sunday song. Ready for some spaced out instrumental electro jazz? Sure you are!

     Norwegian band Jaga Jazzist isn't an outfit I was familiar with until recently, but it's now on the list of acts I need to get to know better. Based on the strength of its title track, I think their upcoming album Starfire, due out in June, could be the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. "Starfire" is a seriously massive slab of proggy and jazzy grooves that I've listened to a fistful of times now. The fact that it's nearly nine minutes long won't really even register until you get done and look down to hit repeat. Check this one out post haste.

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