Monday, 16 March 2015

VOLA - Stray the Skies

     I don't have a cut-and-dried bit of clever (or less-than-clever, depending on where you stand...) alliteration for this evening's song. If you require that kind of thing, I implore you to go down and listen to the song, then come back up here and insert your own M-based alliterative title for today's post.

     Danish four-piece VOLA is a little challenging to pin down: there's definite djent and proggish metal-feeling stuff going on, but there's an electronic, almost pop sensibility at times. It amounts to something that's both modern sounding and a bit retro too, something heavy, but in a kind of un-heavy way.

     Don't understand what I'm talking about? You'll just have to have a listen to "Stray the Skies" from VOLA's most recent disc Inmazes to find out what I'm trying to get at. Leave your suggestions, along with your alliteration ideas, in a comment.

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