Thursday, 5 March 2015

Misery Signals - Reborn (An Execution)

     Looking back, I don't think I've given enough love to Absent Light, Misery Signals' crowdfunded follow-up to 2008's masterpiece Controller. Sure, I picked it as one of my ten favourite albums for 2013, but since then I haven't really listened to it a whole lot. Let's fix that today, shall we?

     Your Thursday song, only very slightly thrown back, is "Reborn (An Execution)" from 2013's Absent Light by Misery Signals. That interlocking set of intro guitar riffs, in combination with the off-time groove that sits underneath them, are proof positive that even if Absent Light isn't a shower right off the bat, it sure as shit is a grower. You feel me? Yeah, you feel me.

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