Saturday, 28 March 2015

Friday: Uneven Structure - Buds

     I mentioned Uneven Structure's upcoming sophomore album La Partition in my 2015 Top Prospects post a while back, but it's only now, upon giving the band's debut disc Februus some more love over the last couple of days, that I fully appreciate the gravity of what we might be in store for.

     In other words, I am now well and truly starting to get stoked for this one. And you should join me in this magical world of excitement. Now, I could probably recommend you check out virtually any song on Februus (or at least the first disc, since the second's mostly atmospheric instrumental soundscapes) and perhaps I will have done by the time La Partition comes out, but for today I'll have to be content to just pick one.

     So grab your best buds, turn your shit up, and have a listen to "Buds" from 2011's Februus. Then join me in anticipating some new material from Uneven Structure.

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  1. Yes! I seriously have been listening to so much Uneven Structure; not sure what the songs/names are I just put their album on random, but it is so atmospheric and heavy. Super dig, and thumbs up from me!